Horizontal Tissue Bath, 2-channel

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Research system for higher throughput of complex pharmacological/physiological assays

  • Two channel system for increased productivity, easily expanded to add channels
  • Fully independent heating and fluid control for each channel
  • Low profile/small footprint
  • Variable volume, chemically inert Teflon bath with shape configurations from variable to fixed 500 µL–10 mL*
  • Modular, space-saving, blade-style electronics
  • Large variety of force transducers covering mN–N forces, all with lifetime warranty
  • Can be combined with automated fluid control systems
  • Add an electrometer like the WPI Duo773 or Electro705

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  • Tissue bath for volumes as small as 500 µL
  • Low profile, small footprint to reduce bench space requirements
  • Versatile system is easy to upgrade with added channels and options


  • Add a linear motor (SI-MOT) and controller (SI-MOTDB) to perform electrophysiological, optical and mechanical techniques, including isometric (standard), isotonic, eccentric/concentric contractions
  • Add the multi-purpose Biofluorometer* (SI-BF-100) for tissue fluorescence (calcium, NOx, ROS).

The SI-H Horizontal Tissue/Organ Bath system (SI-HTB) combines the ease of use and productivity of a traditional vertical organ bath with the more advantageous features of single tissue physiology platforms.

Bath options 500 µL up

The SI-HTB system breaks through the (large) volume limitations of the traditional organ bath, allowing volumes as low as 500 µL in an inert, Teflon-based bath.

The bath design allows multiple shape options for thick, long, flat and thin tissue. When pharmaceuticals are available in precious, small amounts, you will appreciate this standard feature. A wide range of transducers and tissue mounting supports allow a great variety of tissue shape, volume and size.

Low profile

The low profile and small footprint of the bath system, combined with the modular, space-saving, chassis-mounted design of the electronics, reduces the bench space requirement up to 4-fold when compared with standard 4-channel organ baths.

Versatile system, easy to upgrade

The SI-HTB combines advanced physiological techniques with the throughput needed in pharmacological assays in one flexible platform. Upgrades to four or more channels are easy and economical.

The motor option (SI-MOT) turns your system into a tissue work-out station with isotonic and eccentric force measurement capabilities. Nearly all established myo-mechanical tests from stretch-release to work-loops and muscle fatigue are now possible in a single organ bath system. Some of these procedures require automated length changing methods, which can be conveniently programmed using WPI’s LabTrax 8/16 with MDAC package.


The solid horizontal tissue bath design is ideal for combination with electrophysiology on the same platform. Intracellular measurements can share the stable solid base of the bath system.

WPI’s new fiber-optic based, multi-channel Biofluorometer allows for tissue fluorescence measurements (calcium, NADH, FAD) on the SI-HTB platform.

Now, you can design a system to meet your needs and budget. And, it is fully upgradeable in the future.

WPI’s 16-bit, full speed, Labview-based Muscle Data Acquisition system LABTRAX-MDAC is perfect for this platform.


Horizontal Tissue Bath Systems Comparison

2-Channel SI-HTB platform for isometric force 1
SI-KG Force Trandsucers 2
SI-BAM21-LCB Optical Force Transducer Amplifiers 2
SI-TCM2B 2-Channel Temperature Controller 1
SI-MOT Linear motor with controllers (SI-MOTDB)  
SI-PF100B Programmable Filter  
SI-BMFA power frame enclosure 1
LabTrax 8/16 with MDAC Data Acquisition software 1

**The total price of the system varies, depending on the options selected. Please call to talk with a staff physiologist who can help configure your system to meet your needs. 

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