Constant Load Unit for Muscle Tester

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  • Offers three modes including Constant Load, External Loop and Bypass
  • Can be configured using LabTrax 8/16 with¬†MDAC software
  • For use with the SI-BMFA


  • Precise time resolution for feedback control in isotonic muscle testing.


  • Muscle physiology applications using SI-H muscle tester platforms

The SI-COLUB Constant Load Module for performing constant load experiments, has augmented flexibility. In its primary mode (Constant Load) the unit takes an external trigger command from the force transducer to perform a constant load cycle. In addition, the module allows for a different external trigger or you can completely bypass the module without having to switch cabling.

The SI-COLUB Constant Load Module lets you maintain a constant force, muscle length or sarcomere length rather than keep the total length of the preparation constant during an isometric contraction. This is accomplished using a feedback loop.

The SI-COLUB monitors a designated parameter to determine how much force is necessary. It also monitors a feedback signal. The motor position command signal driving the motor is constantly adjusted to drive the feedback signal to the commanded setpoint.

Command Request ­±10 V
Feedback ±10 V
Motor Output ±10 V
Power Requirements 12 V DC provided by the chassis
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