7-Barrel Micropipette Blank

Item#: P-7-10
  • Microiontophoretic ejection of charged substances
  • pressure ejection

Unit Price: 215.00


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These micropipettes are designed for precise local application of chemicals in extracellular electrophysiological studies. Drug application may be by one of two meth­ods: microiontophoretic ejection of charged substances, or pressure ejection.


Pipette blanks exhibit levels of quality and reproducibility impossible to match in hand­made pipettes. They are compatible with most vertical pipette pullers that accommodate 3.00 mm diameter glass. The blanks have a solid ball pulling tip and are fabricated from 3.00 mm Kwik-Fil tubing. All barrels except the large central one have filaments.

The glass barrels have 3mm shanks that can be held with the MBMPH5-7 holder, the optional handle (2505) for WPI micromanipulators or (5444)  for Narashigie or Zeiss micromanipulators.

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