Surgical Instruments for Small Animal Surgery

variety of surgical instruments

Quality you can count on

WPI surgical instruments are manufactured with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to provide you with reliable instruments at a cost-effective price. We offer a wide variety of instruments, including surgical kits. Whether you are looking for a pair of quality European surgical instruments, marine grade stainless steel forceps or precision American made scissors, the quality of our surgical instruments is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Bulk Packs and Kits

Bulk Surgical Instrument Packs
Surgical Instrument Kits

For added saving, consider ordering instruments in bulk or buying surgical kits. Our bulk instruments, generally sold in packages of 12, are ideal for classroom use.

European Surgical Instruments

Quality European made instruments for small animal surgery German Surgical Instruments
Swiss Tweezers

Germany is well known for craftsmanship in manufacturing surgical instruments. Our line of German instruments are produced using the highest quality, German, surgical grade, stainless steel and are hand assembled by highly skilled master craftsmen.

WPI Swiss made forceps are handcrafted with an electropolished finish for reduced glare. For minimal distortion of the metal during assembly, we use precise laser welding technology. Every instrument passes a rigorous 40x magnification inspection.

Surgical Instrument Care Products

Surgical Instrument Care and Cleaning products Cleaning
Dry Sterilizer
Sterilizer accessories
Sterilization Trays

Tip Protectors
Wire Baskets

For information on cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing your surgical instruments, take a look at these videos. Download the cleaning brochure Download the surgical instrument cleaning brochure for more tips and techniques on cleaning your surgical instruments.

Binocular Loupes

Binocular Loupes


Surgical Loupes help to alleviate eye strain by enlarging the image when you are working on tiny subjects or conducting precision operations. They are portable and easier to use than a surgical microscope. However, they are not created equal, and choosing the pair that's right for you is important to your satisfaction.

Standard Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments for small animal surgery

Surgical Knives and Scalpels
Miscellaneous Surgical Instruments
Needle Holders, Surgical Needles

Ronguers and Punches
Round Handled Instruments
Sugical Tool accessories
Titanium Surgical Instruments
Vessel Clips
Wound Closure

Our standard line of surgical instruments are manufactured using austenitic 316 steel commonly known as “marine grade steel,” which is highly corrosion resistant. It is a common choice of material for biomedical implants or body piercing jewelry. It is in compliance with ASTM F138. These high-quality, corrosion-resistant surgical instruments are available for a fraction of the cost of European made instruments.

When price is an issue, our standard line is an excellent alternative to European made surgical instruments. You get the same quality craftsmanship at affordable prices. We guarantee it.

Surgical Equipment

Equipment for small animal surgery Catheters, Research
Ear Punches and Tags
Electrosurgery and Cautery
Micro Drills  

No animal surgical laboratory is complete without the extras. Whether you are looking for an electrocautery unit, a microdrill or a new set of binocular loupes, let us help you select the equipment that’s right for your application.

Veterinary Sciences

Surgical supplies for Veterinarians Animal Baths
Dental Instruments
External Fixation
Orthopedic Instruments
Screws and Plates
Veterinary Catheter
Veterinary Instruments

Customize Your Kits 

Our surgical instrument kits include our standard line of quality surgical instruments at a discounted price.

Customize your surgical instrument kit with the instruments you need.

Kits, on average, cost 20% LESS than buying the surgical instruments from the kits individually.

Each kit is completely customizable.  Swap out an instrument for any other. Call (866) 606-1974 for a quote on your custom kit. 


WPI offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on surgical instruments. If you are not satisfied with our surgical instruments, we will give you a full refund upon request within 30 days of purchase. Simply contact our return department at (866) 606-1974 x 253 for instructions. Then, return the product with a copy of the completed RMA form. There is no restocking fee.

In addition, we guarantee our instruments to be free from any material defects. If any defects are found, we will replace or repair the instrument, at our discretion, free of charge. The one year warranty remains in effect for as long as the instrument or product is used for its intended purpose with proper care and maintenance.

For more information on any of WPI's line of surgical instrument products, please call us at (866) 606-1974 (Toll-free US only) or email us at