Small Animal Anesthesia

EZ Anesthesia is the system of choice for anesthetizing small animals, and it comes with a variety of choices. Animals to be anesthetized are placed in the acrylic induction chamber and the system delivers a precisely blended mixture of oxygen and isoflurane. An activated charcoal air filter canister at the top of the chamber releases safe, filtered air back into the room. A water-heated cage warmer or warming plate (ATC2000) is used to retain the animal body temperature while in the induction chamber. After the initial anesthetizing, the animal can be moved to the heated surgical water bed and positioned properly in the snugly fitted nosecone. A highly sensitive valve regulated by the animal’s breathing works with the nosecone to ensure non-rebreathing efficiency, and allow safe anesthesia for up to several hours. The breathing device also includes an air filter that releases safe, filtered air back into the room.

Anesthesia system of choice for rodents


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  • Integrated turnkey solution for small animal anesthesia
  • Safe for surgical personnel, 90% below OSHA Isoflurane limit
  • Designed by veterinarians
  • Compact and portable
  • Time efficient and cost effective
  • Virtually stress-free for the animals
  • Easy to setup and use, simplifying the training of new staff and reducing the threat of human error
  • Speedy recovery time

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