We offer a large variety of scissors, from standard ring scissors to the spring scissors. Below is some information on selecting a fine pair of surgical scissors.


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Scissor Options

Ceramic Coated Scissors

Coating surgical instruments with a black ceramic offers several distinct advantages. First, the coating adds a thin layer to the metal instrument that actually makes the instrument harder, offering surgeons greater precision and perfection. This anti-glare surface minimizes any reflection off the surface of the instrument. In addition, the ceramic coating is incredibly smooth, which improves the instruments resistance to corrosion. The smooth surface also minimizes friction. The reduced wear and tear means coated instruments last considerably longer. It is nearly impossible to penetrate the ceramic coating, because the raw material is bonded to the instrument both physically and chemically. The black coated instruments are much more resilient to the pressure of daily use and chemical processing. 

SuperCut Scissors

SuperCut ScissorsThere are scissors that have the option of one edge being micro serrated, and the other edge having the sharpness of a knife-edge. This option is provided in a number of scissor types and models. WPI designates this option with a black handle. 

SuperCut Tungsten Carbide

Scissors combine the precise cutting action of the razor-sharp SuperCut blades with the durability of Tungsten Carbide. They provide a clean, smooth cut and retain their sharpness for an extended period of time. 


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