Round Handled Surgical Instruments

We offer both forceps and scissors with round, hollow handles.

 Round handled instruments are lighter weight and easier to maneuver during procedures. Round Hollow Handle Forceps
Round Hollow Handle Scissors


Why Buy Round Handled Surgical Instruments?

Round Handled Surgical InstrumentsRound hollow handled surgical instruments offer several distinct advantages over flat handled instruments.

  • Lightweight – First, we can significantly reduce the weight of long, round handled instruments by hollowing them out. If you are involved in  long surgical procedures or dissection sessions, your hands will appreciate the lightweight instruments.
  • Comfort and control – Many surgeons prefer the round handles over flat handled surgical instruments, because they can roll the instruments between their fingers without moving their wrists.

Whenever you are using surgical scissors, needle holders or forceps and performing procedures requiring a rotational movement, like suturing, round hollow handle instruments are a good choice. They are also an excellent choice when operating under a microscope where small movements are necessary. These instruments are an excellent addition to a microsurgical instrument kit.