Optical Detectors

Our high performance spectrophotometers use photo diode array (PDA) technology and are available for the UV (190-390 nm), UV/VIS (190-720 nm) and VIS/NIR (300-1100 nm) spectral range.

  • The Tidas S 300 series uses internal light sources, allowing for a compact experimental setup.
  • The Tidas E Base series uses an external light source which customers may select.

WPI’s Tidas series is a high end fiber-optic spectrometer module designed for low noise applications. The Tidas series outperforms conventional bench-based spectrophotometers and CCD-based spectrometer modules, when it comes to high precision fiber optic sampling. It relies on a monolithic optical bench made by Zeiss, which is optimized for fiber optic applications. Most cuvette-based standard spectrometers lose more than 90% of light through expensive prism decoupling. The Tidas series is designed for fiber optic sampling cells. Using suitable light sources and sample cells, spectral detection in the wavelength range of 190 to 1100 nm can be performed at noise levels < 0.04 mAU peak to peak.

Photo Diode Array (PDA) Spectrophotometer System

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  • Tidas S300 series spectrophotometers
  • Choose wavelength detection range options: 
    • UV (190-390nm) with integrated D2 Lamp (505066)
    • UV/VIS (190-720nm) with integrated D2&H Lamps (505067)
    • VIS/NIR (300-1100nm) with integrated Halogen Lamp (505068)
    • VIS/NIR (300-1100nm) without Halogen Lamp (505069)
  • Note: For 505066, 505067, 505068, 505069 request Tidas DAQ3 Lab Software to be included when ordering.
Unit Price: varies


Wavelength detection range options:

Deuterium Replacement Lamp

Item#: TIDAS-D2
  • For use with TIDAS-2
Unit Price: 888.00


Tidas-E Base Series Photo Diode Array Spectrometer

Item#: Make Selection: TIDAS-E Base
  • Low noise detection
  • Choose wavelength detection range options: UV (190-390nm) (504717), UV/VIS (190-720nm) (504718), or VIS/NIR (300-1100nm) (504719)
  • Fiber optic design
  • An additional light source (like the D4H or FO-6000) is required 
Unit Price: 12113.00