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We offer a large variety of pumps for everything from microfluidics to general fluid handling applications. Our peristaltic pumps are easy to setup and clean, offer continuous flow with virtually "infinite" volume (depending only on capacity of your source), require no contact with metal or the pump and are good for large volume pumping. Our syringe pumps provide accurate volume control and are an excellent choice for lower volume applications. Our pneumatic PicoPumps are non-pulsatile and designed for delivery of very small volumes.

Are you looking for a specific type of pump? The pump comparison information is provided below.

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Pump Type Comparison

Pump    Peristaltic Syringe    Pneumatic
  • Easy to setup clean
  • Continuous flow
  • "Infinite" volume (depends only on capacity of source)
  • No contact with metal or the pump
  • Good for large volume pumping
  • More accurate volume than peristaltic pumps
  • Good for small volumes   
  • Non-pulsatile
  • Small volume
  • Pulsatile
  • Louder than other pumps
  • Low head pressure
  • Imprecise (while the rate is accurate, final volume is less accurate than other methods 
  • Pulsatile
  • Limited by volume the syringe can hold
  • More labor intensive than other pumps (requires filling the syringe to setup)    
  • Difficult to setup
  • Each glass tip must be calibrated
  • Bulk fluid movement   
  • All purpose pumping
  • UMP3–stereotaxic applications
    NanoLiter 2010–positive (physical) displacement style syringe pump for oocyte injection
  • Small volume injection   
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For more information on peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps and pneumatic pumps, see Choosing the Correct Pump for your Fluid Handling.