Epithelial Physiology

During the last 30 years, TEER measurements have become universally established as the most convenient, reliable and non-destructive method of evaluating and monitoring the growth of epithelial tissue culture in vitro. The confluence of the cellular monolayer is quickly determined by a sharp increase in TEER. TEER measurement technology, first introduced to tissue and cell biologist by WPI in the mid '80s has since been perfected and expanded to include a range of TEER related manual and automatic instrumentation.

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For epithelial physiology studies, our Ussing systems offer a quick, effective means of making low-resistance electrical connections to the Ussing chamber without the need of long agar bridges. Ag/AgCl half-cells screw into short tubes which plug firmly into place in the chamber's luer ports, eliminating the inconvenience and expense of Calomel half-cells in open liquids.