Single, Bipolar & Concentric Electrodes

WPI offers a broad variety of standard and custom single monopolar, concentric, and stereotrode designs in a variety of tip profile and metal combinations. Some of these electrodes are also available with Rhodes style tips.

WPI offers a large variety of electrodes.

bipolar electrode

Single, Bipolar & Concentric Electrodes
Nerve Cuff Electrodes
Reference Electrodes
Surface Electrodes
Electrodes with Rhodes Style Tips

Single Monopolar Electrodes


  • Elgiloy/stainless steel
  • Platinum iridium
  • Pure iridium
  • Tungsten

Bipolar Stereotrodes



Concentric Electrodes



In addition, metal microelectrodes for electrophysiology research may be heat treated. Heat treated microelectrodes are ideal for penetrating tough membranes. They may also have a Kapton cladding to stiffen the shaft of the electrode and provide some insulation.

Nerve Cuff Electrodes

Nerve cuff electrodes for acute and chronic experiments are available in a variety of metals and configurations.

nerve cuff electrodes

Other Electrodes

Reference electrodes and surface electrodes are also available.