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WPI’s cell and tissue products cover a broad range of applications. Our products are tested and optimized to provide you with instruments that are reliable in supporting your research requirements. We offer a range of products for TEER measurement, live cell imaging, microscopy studies and muscle physiology applications. WPI’s products have been cited in 100s of reference papers and in many cases are the only products available of their kind. WPI’s EVOM2 is the original instrument designed specifically to perform non-destructive TEER measurement on epithelial monolayer cell cultures.

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Data Acquisition


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Cell and tissue research covers a broad range of research applications, including epithelial physiology, muscle physiology, neuroscience, live cell imaging and much more. In the 1980's WPI pioneered the epithelial volt/ohm meter for TEER measurement, and the EVOM2 continues to be standard equipment in epithelial and endothelial research. In more recent years, we developed a line of muscle physiology equipment for everything from the testing of single cell testing (like a cardio myocyte) to tissue sample testing platforms. We manufacture controllers for maintaining temperature, humidity and oxygen in live cell incubation chambers that enclose a complete inverted microscope. Our stagetop environment offer the same type of environmental control for a case small enough to fit on any inverted microscope stage. The environmental case houses standard 6, 12, 24 or 96 well plates used for growing cell cultures. In addition to the equipment for specific research applications, we also carry a broad range of laboratory equipment like microscopes, cameras, micromanipulators, stands and a host of accessories for cell and tissue investigations.