Animal Physiology

Expensive research animals require specialized anesthesia and surgical equipment that is designed for their physiological needs. WPI offers a broad range of laboratory equipment and research products designed specifically for small animal physiology.


Here we have all the standard nociceptive threshold testing equipment for preclinical trials involving mechanical, thermal and chemical stimuli with mice and rats to perform a variety drug efficacy studies.


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Isoflurane is commonly used for anesthesia for small animals like mice, rats and guinea pigs. The anesthesia systems for rodents fit snugly to prevent the isoflurane from leaking into the environment. Our anesthesia systems use valves regulated by the animal’s own breathing, activated charcoal filters and fitted nose cones to keep lab personnel safe.

Anesthesia system of choice for rodents

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Animal Temperature Control

Animal temperature controller with heating padOur animal temperature controller automatically adjusts based on the actual temperature of the subject to maintain the animal’s optimal body temperature. This heater is extremely quiet in terms of electromagnetic interference, which is essential in applications which require electrophysiological recording.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitors - tail cuff or non-invasiveWPI offers options for monitoring the blood pressure of mice and rats. For minimal stress to the animal, we have a range of tail cuff monitors. We have another unit for precise arteriol or venous pressure that is measured inside vessels.

Physiology Accessories

Brain Matrices
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Stereotaxic Instruments 

A stereotaxic frame lets you safely and securely hold a small animal while you perform delicate procedures. Using our frames, you can accurately place a probe to within 10µm. We offer a variety from basic, single arm frames to dual arm, digital stereotaxic frames.

Stereotaxic Instruments

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Laboratory Equipment Designed for Small Animals

Some surgeries (for example, neuroscience) require precise positioning of an animal, and a stereotaxic frame is The animal temperature controller automatically adapts to the subject’s size.critical.

Anesthesia systems must also be specially designed for the small animal physiology in order to keep the animals and the researchers safe.

During surgery, researchers may monitor blood pressure and other vitals. You want a blood pressure monitor that will not stress your rodents and small animals.

It is also critical to keep your animals warm without burning them during a surgery.

WPI offers a broad range of equipment, surgical instruments and laboratory supplies that were designed for small animal physiology. Let us help you get the laboratory equipment that’s right for your research application.