Spectroscopy Equipment

Every spectroscopy experiment will require spectroscopy equipment of some kind. A basic spectroscopy setup will include some type of cuvette, flow cell or dipping probe to hold a liquid sample, a light source and a detection system. WPI offers a variety of spectroscopy equipment, including cuvettes, flow cells, detectors, light sources and optical fibers for a well-equipped spectroscopy laboratory. Our precision spectroscopy products are simple to use so that you only need to worry about your research application. 





We offer nine styles of spectroscopy cuvettes in synthetic quartz and optical grade glass. Cylindrical cuvettes are long path cuvettes. Use flow cuvettes when you want to continuously monitor a liquid sample. Fluorescence cuvettes are used when you are making fluorescence measurements. Micro cell cuvettes and semi-micro cuvettes are low volume cuvettes. Of course, standard rectangular cuvettes for spectroscopy come in a variety of pathlengths. Cuvette accessories, cuvette holders and holder accessories like SMA collimators are also available.

 Spectroscopy Cuvettes in a variety of designs Cylindrical Cuvettes
Cuvette Accessories
Flow Cuvettes
Fluorescence Cuvette
Holder Accessories
Micro Cell Cuvettes
Semi-Micro Cuvettes
Standard Cuvettes

Dipping Probes

 Dipping Probes

Dipping Probes

Flowcell Systems

Flowcell systems (UltraPath™) are unique, high-performance spectrophotometer systems offering selectable optical path lengths of 2, 10, 50 and 200 cm. These spectroscopy systems are available for the visible and ultraviolet spectra.

Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cells (LWCC) are optical long path flow cells that combine an increased optical pathlength (10–100cm) with small sample volumes (75-750µL) for ultraviolet (UV) and visible (VIS) absorbance spectroscopy.

MicroLWCC are a fiber optic, low volume, microliter flow cells for UV/VIS/near infrared (NIR) absorbance analysis.

Flowcell Systems 
Flowcell Accessories
Long Path Flow Cells
Microliter Flow Cells

Light Sources

We offer a deuterium/halogen light source (D4H), a tungsten fiber optic light source (FO-6000) and a modular LED light source with a series of modules for variety of wavelengths.

Light sources for spectroscopy in halogen, tungsten, and LED.


Optical Detectors

IDAS S Tidas S series
Tidas E base

Optical Fibers

No spectroscopy laboratory is complete without its optical fibers and accessories. Standard UV/VIS  fiber optic cables have a broad spectral range. Anti-solarization fibers are suitable for UV spectroscopy below 240 nm. Bifurcated fibers are necessary when splitting or combining beams of light. Plastic fibers are more flexible and less expensive than glass. Optical fiber accessories like couplers and spectroscopy accessories are also available.

Optical fibers for spectroscopy applications


Sample Holders

Spectroscopy Accessories

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