Laboratory Supplies

Looking for a quality source for affordable laboratory equipment? From capillary glass and adhesives up to micromanipulators, pumps and microscopes, we offer the full range for the well stocked scientific laboratory.

Glass and Holders for Microelectrodes

Whether you are making your own electrodes or using ours, we have a variety of microelectrode holders, along with a variety of accessories for filling glass micropipettes. We even have opitical quality glass bottom dishes for delicate cell work under a microscope. 


Ag-AgCl Half-Cells
Ag-AgCl Surface Electrodes
Glass Capillaries ( Download the catalog page.)
FluoroDish Cell Cultures
Microelectrode Holders ( Download the catalog page.)
Pre-Pulled Micropipettes  ( Download the catalog page.)
Glass Accessories

Lab Appliances

Every laboratory needs quality appliances, whether it's in a school or research facility. We offer a range of appliances for a variety of applications.

 Laboratory Appliances Centrifuges
Vacuum Pumps
Water Baths

Microforges, Pullers, Bevelers

When you are making your own glass micropipettes and microelectrodes, you need a few reliable appliances you can count on, including a puller for custom pulling your own pipettes, a microforge for fire polishing and a beveler for putting precise angles on your tips.

 Microforge for fire polishing glass micropipettes Bevelers


Micromanipulators are used when precision work is conducted under a microscope. A micropipette, electrode or probe can be mounted on a micromanipulator and move as little as a micron at a time. This tool can be used for in vitro fertilization, patch clamp experimentation, extracellular recording, microinjection and any application requiring fine mechanical placement (resolution). In addition to micromanipulators,  WPI offers tilt bases, piezo translators and a variety of stands.
Micromanipulators can be broken out into three broad categories: Manual, Manual/Motorized and Motorized.

Micromanipulators for precise placement of microelectrodes and probes Manual
Manipulator Accessories

Microscopes, Cameras

Microscopes are a standard laboratory tool, but purchasing the right microscope for a particular application can be a challenge. First, consider how you will use the instrument. Are you looking at slides, dissecting a small animal or performing a surgery? (The application dictates the necessary working distance and power of magnification.) What kind of a stand will you be using? (Boom stand, articulating arm or post stand) Will the microscope be used in a classroom setting? (A trinocular scope offers the option of including a camera.) Will you need a camera? (A camera allows you to project the microscope image on a PC or TV or to take still images.) The answers to these questions help you determine the required working distance, level of magnification, type of mounting stand and hardware required.

Buying a microscope Compound Microscopes
Inverted Microscopes
Stereo Microscopes
Surgical Microscopes
Light Sources
Microscopy Accessories


Every laboratory requires a reliable source for affordable consumable products. Let us be your source for a huge variety of items you need every day, including:

Reliable source for affordable consumable laboratory supplies Absorbent Paper Points
Luers and Fittings
Miscellaneous Lab Supplies ( Download the catalog page.)
Pipetters and Tips
Specialty Wire
Stands and Clamps

Pipetters and Tips

A pipetter, often called a pipette, are used to deliver precise volumes of liquids in a laboratory setting. Below is some information on selecting the appropriate pipetter for your use. WPI offers a variety of pippetters.



Autoclavable Micropipettes
Standard MicroPipettes
Pipetter Tips
Replacement Part


We offer a variety of pumps for many different laboratory application. Compare our syringe pumps, peristaltic pumps, pneumatic pumps and ultra micropumps.


Microsyringe Pumps
Peristaltic Pumps
Pneumatic Pumps
Syringe Pumps
Perfusion/Solution Exchange
Microfluidic Selonoid Pumps
Microfluidic Syringe Pumps
Vacuum Pumps



pump accessories

Pump Accessories

Microfluidic Biochips
MicroTip Pre-Pulled Micropipettes
Microinjection Accessories
Peristaltic Accessories
PicoPump Accessories


If you have any questions about our Laboratory Supplies for Life Science Researchers, give us a call at (866) 606-1974 (toll free in the USA) or email us at