Stimulators for Electrophysiology Research

WPI stimulators for electrophysiology research are constant current stimulators. These are preferred over constant voltage stimulators, because:

  • Current is the quantity that stimulates most excitable tissues.
  • Stimulating electrodes (and some tissues) tend to increase their resistance as stimulation progresses.

A constant current stimulator "senses" the resistance change and provides whatever voltage is needed to maintain delivery of current at the set rate.

Stimulus isolators isolate a given stimulus from ground. WPI isolators in the 300 and DLS series offer a compliance voltage (maximum output voltage) of 100V with very low noise.


Multi-Channel Pulse Generator

Item#: SYS-A300

From single pulses to complex pulse trains

  • Variable voltage output channel
  • Includes one in­ter­val generator, five pulse or train channels, two mixer channels and vari­able voltage out­put stage
Unit Price: 6379.00


Single Channel Pulse Generator

Item#: SYS-A310

The accuracy of digital electronics and the convenience of analog controls

  • Single channel pulse generator with train capability
  • TTL and variable voltage output
Unit Price: 2717.00