Specialty Amplifier Instruments

Micropressure System

Item#: SYS-900A

Measure hydrostatic pressure in small vessels and oocytes

  • Utilizes a liquid filled micropipette (2–5 µm tip opening) for sensing pressure
  • Pressure range from 1–100 mmHg (pressure range to 350 mmHg is available)
  • Lower limit 1 mmHg (133 Pa)
  • Includes calibration/test chamber
  • Tubing and fittings for interconnecting system sub-components are provided
  • Pressure in the pipette can be manually set to positive or negative relative to the outside
  • Probe holder for mounting on micromanipulator is included
  • 10 pre-pulled pipettes are included
Unit Price: 24740.00


Window Discriminator

Item#: SYS-121
  • Monitor signals and discriminator levels simultaneously at the multiplex output
  • Window height independent of lower discriminator level setting
  • Logic level output pulses, TTL compatible
Unit Price: 2469.00


Dual Microiontophoresis Current Generator

Item#: SYS-260

Electro-iontophoresis of dyes, drugs and charge substances

  • Dual channel
  • Battery-operated
Unit Price: 3174.00