New Products

Motorized Stereotaxic Frame

Item#: MTM-3

Automatically calculates coordinates and accurately places the probe

  • Accurate microstepping motor drive for high resolution placement
  • Increased precision and repeatability of motion over traditional, manual stereotaxic frames
  • No more error resulting from reading Vernier scales
  • Brain atlas coordinates may be input into the controller, with no computer required
  • Coordinate distances are automatically calculated
  • Touch screen controller for easy, intuitive control with better than 10 μm precision
  • Graphic controller display for instant operational feedback
  • Hand controller for complete manual control
Unit Price: 10552.00


Microinjection Syringe Pump with SMARTouch Controller

Item#: Make Selection

UMP3, UMP3T-1, UMP3T-2

Delivering picoliter volumes precisely

  • Graphic display with SMARTouch™ touch screen controller for "intelligent", easy to use interface controlling up to four syringe pumps
  • Splash proof touch screen
  • User configurable mounting bar
  • Dual mode motor drive
  • Compatible with all UMP, UMP2 and UMP3 pumps
  • Optional foot switch available
  • 5 digit display
  • Choose system: Pump ONLY (UMP3), Pump and Micro2T controller (UMP3T-1) or 2 Pumps and Micro2T controller (UMP3T-2)
  • See Details for part numbers and descriptions
Unit Price: varies



Steri-Lite Bead Sterilizer

Item#: Make Selection

Heat sterilize instruments in seconds

  • Large LED control panel
  • Adjustable temperature control up to 300°C 
  • Sterilizes forceps, needles and other instruments
  • Choose bead capacity: 300 g (ST5193), 150 g (ST5191)
  • Choose power supply
Unit Price: 475.00


Bead capacity:

Benchtop Autoclave, 16 Liter

Item#: Make Selection - ST5189 Benchtop Autoclave

Research autoclave

  • Rapid, complete sterilization
  • Extremely compact
  • 16 L Tank
  • Choose power: 115 V or 230 V 
Unit Price: 4995.00


Power Supply:

MultiChannel Perfusion System

Item#: MPS-2
  • Fast solenoid valve (response time 2ms)
  • Programmable PC control with user-friendly GUI interface (software included)
  • Manual
  • 8-Channels-10ml syringes
  • Gravity feed
  • Quick cleaning and priming valves included
Unit Price: 3093.00


Stereo Microscope with LED Illuminated Base and Articulating Mirror

Item#: Make Selection


Articulating mirror ideal for Brightfield and Darkfield applications

  • Illuminated base
  • Articulating mirror
  • Includes base, microscope head and focus mount
  • Trinocular version available
  • Includes opaque, black/white contrast stage plate
  • Choose Microscope Head: Binocular (PZMIII-MI) or Trinocular (PZMTIII-MI)
Unit Price: varies


Microscope Head:

Anesthesia Facemask for use with Cunningham Stereotaxic Frame Adapter

Item#: Make Selection

502063-MGM, 502063-SGM

  • Facemask custom fitted to a toothbar that fits a Cunningham Stereotaxic Frame
  • Anatomically correct design for a tight fit for mice and rats
  • Zero Leakage
  • Zero Dead Space
  • Ports swivel 360°
  • Optically clear
  • Designed to provide access to eyes and head of the rodent
  • Mask provides stability of the animal for examinations and surgery
  • Includes OC-tubing and OC-adapter (requires EZ-1130)
  • Choose Facemask Size: small (502063-SGM) or medium (502063-MGM)

WARNING: This part is made to fit the WPI neonatal frame only. If you have a neonatal frame of another make, please contact WPI.

Unit Price: varies


Facemask Size:

Zebrafish Microinjection and Transplantation Molds

Item#: Z-MOLDS

A simpler method for handling zebrafish embryos

  • For high throughput microinjection research
  • Make impressions in agarose gel to facilitate embryo alignment
  • Four molds per kit
  • Reusable
Unit Price: 182.00


Ergonomic Mini-Scissors, 13 cm

Item#: 504750
  • Ergonomic design with particulate-free grips
  • Ultra precise scissors for cutting fine or delicate items with a clean, square edge
  • 13 cm (5")  Long
  • Handle design is advantageous for users with arthritic hands
Unit Price: 35.00


Swiss Cutting Tweezers, 11.5 cm

Item#: 504744
  • High precision cutting tweezers
  • Predominantly angled blades
  • Cutting tweezers for soft copper, gold, silver, magnetic wires
  • 11.5 cm (4.5'')
  • Carbon Steel
Unit Price: 47.00


Swiss High Precision Rounded Tip Cutting Tweezers, 11.5 cm

Item#: 504745
  • 11.5 cm (4.5") Long
  • Cutting tweezers for soft copper, gold, silver, magnetic wires
  • Tungsten carbide tips, rounded
  • Angled  blades
  • Carbon steel
Unit Price: 53.00


1.0 mm Glass Pipette Holder for NANOFIL Syringe

Item#: NFINHLD-G10
  • Includes SilFlex tubing, gasket, holder for 1mm OD glass, holder for manipulator

  • NanoFil syringe sold separately

  • Less than 3 μL dead volume

  • Achieve accurate, repetitive injections with the UMP3T-1 pump (sold separate)

Unit Price: 589.00


Ergonomic Micro-Shear Flush Cutters, 12.7 cm, Polished Blades

Item#: 504751
  • Ergonomic design with particulate-free grips
  • Micro-shear flush cutters for delicate wires
  • 12.7 cm (5")  Long
  • Polished blades
  • ESD safe
  • Ultra slim profile for access in high density areas
  • Extra tough high carbon steel blades
  • Sized for smaller hands and maximum maneuverablity
Unit Price: 29.00


NanoFil Injection Holder

  • Use with NanoFil needles for manual injection
Unit Price: 149.00


Swiss Biology Tweezers, 12 cm, Straight, Fine Tips, Anti-Acid/Anti-Magnetic

Item#: 504748
  • 12 cm (4.75") Long
  • Straight
  • Very sharp, fine tips
  • Anti-acid, anti-magnetic
  • Stainless steel
Unit Price: 54.00


Ergonomic Micro-Shear Flush Cutters, 12.7 cm, Black Blades

Item#: 504749
  • Ergonomic design with particulate-free grips
  • Micro-shear flush cutters for delicate wires
  • 12.7 cm (5")  Long
  • Black blades
Unit Price: 28.00


Swiss High Precision Tweezers, 12 cm, Straight, Thick, Anti-Acid, Anti-Magnetic

Item#: 504746
  • 12 cm (4.75") Long
  • Straight
  • Strong, flat edges, thick tips
  • Anti-acid, anti-magnetic
  • Stainless steel
Unit Price: 32.00


Swiss High Precision Tweezers, 12 cm, Straight, Flat/Round Tips, Anti-Acid, Anti-Magnetic

Item#: 504747
  • 12 cm (4.75") Long
  • Straight
  • Flat, round tips
  • Anti-acid, anti-magnetic
  • Stainless steel
Unit Price: 32.00