Microinjection Microscopes

Precision Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope (III) on Post Stand

  • Includes PZMIII binocular body, pair of 10x eyepieces and eyeguards, ring light adapter, and post stand
Unit Price: 901.00


Precision Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope (IV) on Track Stand

Item#: PZMIV
  • Includes PZMIV binocular body, 1x objective, pair of 10x eyepieces and eyeguards, and post stand
Unit Price: 1105.00


Stereo Microscope with LED Illuminated Base and Articulating Mirror

Item#: Make Selection


Articulating mirror ideal for Brightfield and Darkfield applications

  • Illuminated base
  • Articulating mirror
  • Includes base, microscope head and focus mount
  • Trinocular version available
  • Includes opaque, black/white contrast stage plate
  • Choose Microscope Head: Binocular (PZMIII-MI) or Trinocular (PZMTIII-MI)
Unit Price: varies


Microscope Head:

Fan Track Stand with 76mm mount

Item#: 502002
  • 76mm Post Stand
  • 175mm Focusing Distance
  • Table Height: 14" (355mm)


Unit Price: 317.00


76mm Halogen-Halogen Dual Illuminted Track Stand

Item#: 504596
  • 76mm scope holder
  • 12V 15W halogen bulb for top and bottom lighting
  • Adjustable Mirror
  • Travel distance 250mm
  • Vertical length 325mm
  • For use with the PZMIII ONLY (501352, 501379)
Unit Price: 555.00


LED Microscope Stand, 12.5"

Item#: 504929
  • Simultaneous variable reflected and transmitted LED illumination
  • Thin design of base allows users to keep sample positions low
  • Stage clips keep specimens in place
  • CE
  • Specimen height up to 5cm with PZMIII and 8-10cm with the PZMIV series microscopes
Unit Price: 534.00


LED Microscope Stand, 10.5"

Item#: 504928
  • Variable reflected and transmitted illumination
  • LED bulbs emit light that is UV and IR free
  • 4 inches (100mm) of continuously smooth focus travel
  • Black, white and clear glass stage plates
  • Base dimensions (LWH): 260mm x 184mm x 267mm
Unit Price: 306.00



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