Memory Steel Surgical Instruments

Our MemoryFlex™ (memory steel) surgical instruments are among the world’s best surgical instruments, producing more precise cuts for research and veterinary applications.The secret lies in WPI's Memory Flex™ patented technology, which provides the ultimate in precision and durability. 


The magic lies in the memory, spring stainless steel employed in their manufacturing. Most surgical instruments are made of hardened stainless steel that requires a significant amount of carbon. The carbon aids in the stiffness but is also responsible for the brittleness, corrosiveness and inflexibility. MemoryFlex™ instruments are:

  • Made in the USA
  • Sharper because they are splay resistant
  • Last longer and are virtually unbreakable
  • Unprecedented tactile feedback

Details on MemoryFlex Instruments


Surgical Instruments Made in the USA

The MemoryFlex™ line of products is made in the USA by highly skilled craftsmen. The integrity of these products is closely monitored by quality assurance experts. Every instrument is manufactured with the ultimate precision in mind.

Sharper than Traditional Surgical Scissors (Splay Resistant)

Hard stainless steel and titanium scissors fail, not because they dull quickly, but because the hinge of the hardened metal blades eventually loosens, and the individual blades splay. This reduces the shearing force. A gap as little as 0.0001” between traditional scissor blades will splay and crush tissue.

MemoryFlex™ instruments are made out of memory steel, stainless steel material with 0% carbon. The blades of MemoryFlex™ scissors flex during use, relieving the stress on the pivot screw (or rivet), therefore, it never loosens. The set of the flexible steel blades maintains a high shear stress on the cutting edge all the way to the tip. This results in maintained shearing bias and precision.

The flexibility of MemoryFlex™allows the scissor blades to be set with a 300% increased shearing angle, so they actually overlap. MemoryFlex™ blades flex to shear instead of crush tissue. MemoryFlex™ blades glide together at a 0º contact point throughout the entirety of the shear. The end result is a cleaner cut and faster healing, regardless of the thickness of the tissue.

Cutting latex simulates cutting through tissue. A good pair of scissors should be able to cut 8 layers of latex all the way to the tip without snagging or pulling. MemoryFlex™ scissors can cut up to 64 layers of latex, simulating tissue calcification.  The majority of the scissors on the market cannot cut through 8 layers.

Surgical Instruments that Last Longer

All stainless steel and titanium instruments in the world are actually destroyed not by over-use or misuse, but by the sterilization process. Autoclaves sterilize using ultrasonic vibration, something that stainless steel and titanium do not particularly like. This breaks down the rigid metals and destroys the structural integrity of the instruments. As memory steel is by nature flexible, it actually absorbs ultrasonic vibrations. Where all other instruments are significantly compromised by the ultrasonic component of sterilization, Memory Flex instruments are preserved by it.

Tactile Feedback of Instruments is Without Equal

If you slowly drag the tip of a professional grade MemoryFlex instrument across a tablecloth, you can feel every fiber of the tablecloth through the instrument. The flexible steel provides tactile feedback in a way that hardened steel surgical instruments never can. These instruments literally become an extension of the fingertips in the hands of a skilled veterinary surgeon or researcher. 

Highly Recommended by Avian Surgeon

“The cutting edge needle holders have provided me microsurgical precision with a cutting edge.  At the same time they can handle larger suture that microsurgical needle holders simply cannot...I have found that instruments hold up very well, especially the cutting edges.” - Dr. M. Scott Echols, DVM, Diplomate ABVP-Avian Practice

See for Yourself

An independent study by Dr. Dardik, Yale professor of molecular biology, shows how our memory scissors make a cleaner cut than standard scissor. This should result in a quicker healing with less scaring. The images of the prepared slides show the iatrogenic damage caused by standard scissors in comparison with our memory scissors.

Vein graft cut with memory scissorsVein graft cut with stainless steel scissors

The vein graft on the left was cut with our MemoryFlex™ memory steel scissors, and the one on the right was cut with traditional stainless steel scissors.

Additional information is available to describe why  MemoryFlex™ surgical instruments cut better, last longer and cause less trauma.