Hydrogen Peroxide Sensors

Hydrogen Peroxide is produced in biological systems by controlled pathways at low concentrations that impact on cell signaling. At higher concentrations inflammatory cells produce local intense amounts of this oxidant to kill pathogens. In the progress of human disease, uncontrolled formation of hydrogen peroxide from the mitochondrial respiratory chain and enzymes, such as xanthine oxidase, can occur (Prof. Victor Darley-Usmar, Univ. of Alabama, personal communication).

Despite the recognized importance of this oxidant in biology real-time measurements at low concentration have been difficult. The hydrogen peroxide sensors developed by WPI are designed to compliment existing high sensitivity fluorescent approaches with direct quantitative measurement in biological samples in the low nM range.

Four hydrogen peroxide sensors are currently available. The ISO-HPO-2 is a 2.0 mm stainless steel sensor, with replaceable membrane sleeves (#600012) and an internal refillable electrolyte (#100042). The sensor is designed for use in cell cultures and similar applications. 

The ISO-HPO-100 is a 100 micron tip diameter hydrogen peroxide micro sensor designed for use in tissues and similar applications. The sensor design is based on a flexible “activated” carbon fiber sensing electrode coated with a proprietary membrane that enhances hydrogen peroxide detection.

Our hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) sensors work with the TBR4100 and TBR1025 free radical analyzers.


Hydrogen Peroxide Macro Sensor

Item#: ISO-HPO-2

Direct quantitative measurements of hydrogen peroxide in biological samples

  • Gas permeable polymer membrane sleeve blocks liquids, ions and particulate matter
  • Incorporated reference electrode
  • For use with Apollo1000, Apollo4000, TBR4100 and TBR1025
  • Package of 1
Unit Price: 947.00


Hydrogen Peroxide Microsensors

Item#: ISO-HPO-100 Make Selection


Direct quantitative measurements of hydrogen peroxide in biological samples

  • Incorporated reference electrode
  • Non-breakable integrated hydrogen peroxide sensor with tip dimension of 100 µm
  • For use with Apollo1000, Apollo4000, TBR4100 and TBR1025
  • Requires cable 91580 (sold separate)
  • Package of 3
  • See Details for part numbers and descriptions
Unit Price: varies





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