Hooks and Probes

Hooks and probes may be used for lifting and retracting tissues. For example, a dura hook is used to retract and hold the tough, outer layer of the membrane that encloses the brain, the dura.

NOTE: WPI surgical instruments are for laboratory research applications. They are not certified for use on humans.


Dura Hook, 15cm, Sharp

Item#: 503322
  • 15cm long
  • Sharp
Unit Price: 68.00


Tyrell Hook, 13cm, Sharp

Item#: 14136
  • 13cm (5") Long
  • Sharp/Micro
  • Stainless steel
Unit Price: 32.00


Graefe Hook, 15cm, SS

Item#: 503221
  • 15cm (6") Long
  • Stainless steel
Unit Price: 44.00


Double End Probe and Seeker, 15cm, Sharp ends, SS

Item#: 504033
  • 15cm (6") Long
  • Sharp tips
  • Stainless steel
Unit Price: 9.00




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