Fiber Optic pH Meter, Use with Minisensors

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Referenced measurements with single excitation

  • Single-channel, compact, easy to transport fiber-optic meter for pH measurements with miniature sensors
  • Two 12-bit, programmable analog outputs, with electrical isolation
  • One external trigger input, with electrical isolation
  • Computer with RS232 interface required for operation
  • Use with Minisensors, foils and spots
  • Non-invasive and non-distractive pH measurements



  • User-friendly software saves and visualizes measured values
  • Several pHOptica meters can be connected to one computer
  • Temperature variation is recorded using a temperature sensor
  • No reference electrode is needed

Applications pHOptica Mini System

The pHOptica mini system is a one channel pH system for use with fiber optic mini sensors, foil and spot surface sensors for applications like:

  • Non-invasive and non-distractive pH measurements from outside through flask walls (cell culture)
  • Online pH monitoring by flow through cells
  • Dipping probe pH measurement


Mini Sensor Features

  • OD of the dipping sensor is 4 mm
  • Sterilization of the pH sensor spots via gamma radiation
  • The pH mini sensor meter is based on 2 mm PMMA waveguides
  • Drift of 0.1pH units for 10,000 measurements (4 days measurement in the 30 sec data update mode).
Data Interface RS232
Sample Rate 1 sample per second
Measuring pH Range 5-9
Resolution (at 20°C) ±0.03 (microsensors); ±0.01 (minisensors)
Response Time < 1 min
Dimensions 185 x 110 x 45 mm
Weight 630g
Power Supply 100-220V AC
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