MultiChannel Perfusion System

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  • Fast solenoid valve (response time 2ms)
  • Programmable PC control with user-friendly GUI interface (software included)
  • Manual
  • 8-Channels-10ml syringes
  • Gravity feed
  • Quick cleaning and priming valves included

Dead Vol: < 100nl (at junction)
Output tubing (polyimide coated quartz): 50mm/long


  • Color-coded polyurethane ribbon style tubing for easy identification
  • Super low dead volume (<100 nL) micromanifold
  • Economically priced
  • Organized, color-coded tubing system without contaminants of PVC tubing
  • Low flow resistance and dead volume with the unique micromanifold


  • Single channel perfusion applications
  • Whole cell patch perfusion applications
  • Drug delivery under a microscope (in patch clamp application)

Single ion channel and whole-cell solution exchange

MPS-2 is a programmable 8-channel perfusion system designed for single channel and whole-cell patch preparations. Offering the best combination of performance and value, the MPS-2 incorporates the same high quality solenoid valves found on similar but much more expensive systems. Unlike other perfusion systems on the market, which often compromise performance to fit every possible application, the MPS-2 is the only perfusion system designed and optimized specifically for single-channel and whole-cell patch perfusion applications.

Computer Requirements

Windows XP, Windows 7 (32 bit software package) or Windows 7, Windows 8.1 (64 bit software package). 

Manual or programmable control

The system can be controlled manually via membrane switches on the front panel or through a PC. Two different manual control modes are offered. One controls each channel independently, and the other mode allows you to assign a master channel that will keep the system flow when all other channels are switched off. User-friendly graphic timing software is included, and the programmed perfusion sequence can be started by computer, a patch clamp amplifier or other external trigger, or manually by the user

Ribbon-style tubing

The perfusion fluid flows through specially designed color-coded polyurethane ribbon style tubing. The color-coding allows you to easily trace each channel for diagnostic checks or set up and the ribbon style of tubing keeps the system neat and organized. Unlike PVC based tubing, polyurethane tubing contains no plasticizer, which can cause contamination. The tubing ribbon is designed as an economical disposable item, which is often critical when cleanliness is needed.

Unique µ-manifold

The most unique feature of the MPS-2 is its perfusion µ-manifold. Using the latest microfluidic techniques, the injection molded µ-manifold provides the least flow resistance and dead volume of any product on the market. The flow channel inner diameter is approximately 1.0mm, except for the last 5mm before the junction point. This design allows a fast flow rate without using a pressured system. The maximum flow rates are 8 and 500µL/min at 50cm for the 15mm long 100µm and 250µm ID tips, respectively. Small channels and a unique design at the merging point further reduce the chance of cross contamination. Dead volume is less than 100nL.

Channels 8
Valve Response Time 2ms
Valve Control TTL, USB via software and external start
Syringe Reservoir Volume 10mL
Manifold 8 to 1
Tip ID 250µm and 100µm
Maximum Flow Rates (gravity fed) 100µm ID tip, 8µL/min. at 50cm
250µm ID tip, 500µL/min. at 50cm
Dead Volume < 100nL excluding the single outlet tubing

B.Wu, Y.M. Wang, W. Xiong, L.H. Zheng, C.L.Fu, I.C. Bruce, C. Zhang, Z. Zhou "Optimization of a multi-channel puffer system for rapid delivery of solutions during patch-clamp experiments" Frontiers in Bioscience 10. 2005: 761-767

More Choices:
  1. Micromanifold, 250 µm ID Tip
    Micromanifold, 250 µm ID Tip
  2. Micromanifold, 100 µm, ID Tip
    Micromanifold, 100 µm, ID Tip
Part # Description

Micromanifold, 100μm ID tip, 2 pcs/pk

Tubing cap: 7.85 nl/mm


Micromanifold, 250μm ID tip, 2 pcs/pk

Tubing cap: 49.1 nl/mm



  • Dead Vol: < 100nl (at junction)
  • Output tubing (polyimide coated quartz): 50mm/long


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