Micrometer Slide Micromanipulator

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Micrometer Slide Micromanipulator

  • Built of precision micrometer-actuated linear slides
  • Can be configured for right or left hand use
  • Resolution is 10 µm


  • Each slide is comprised of a large micrometer head and a spring-return linear slide
  • Micrometer head is graduated in 10 µm steps which enables repeatable positioning to an accuracy of 2 µm


  • Electrophysiology recording and injection

The M325 three-axis man­u­al mi­cro­ma­n­ip­u­la­tor is built of preci­sion mi­crome­ter-ac­tu­at­ed lin­ear slides. Each slide is com­prised of a large microme­ter head and a spring-return linear slide. The mi­cro­ma­n­ip­u­la­tor was designed to min­i­mize wear in the moving components to achieve a long op­er­a­tion­al life without the necessity for fre­quent main­te­nance. The mi­crome­ter head is grad­u­at­ed in 10 µm steps which enable re­peat­able po­si­tion­ing to an ac­cu­ra­cy of ± 2 µm.
A unique spring return mechanism is used to trans­mit move­ment of the microme­ter spin­dle to the slide car­riage, eliminating back­lash, lost motion and re­duc­ing thread wear. Each lin­ear slide utilizes ball bear­ings which en­able the M325 to carry loads of up to 1 kg.

The tool holder can clamp onto tools with shaft di­am­e­ters of 3.0 mm to 12.7mm and allows rotation around two axes. This pro­vides a wide range of options for in­cor­po­rat­ing the ma­nip­u­la­tor into your work­stations. The M325 can also be con­fig­ured very eas­i­ly in left or right-hand­ed versions to allow several units to be positioned in close proximity. A quick-release clamp allows easy mounting onto any rod from 10 mm to 12.7mm diameter.

Precision built

When the M325 is mounted on an M10 magnetic base with the standard steel base plate, the average maximum practical height from the tabletop to the center of the pivot point on the manipulator is approximately 34cm.

M325 three axis manual micromanipulator

Travel Range: X-axis 25mm
Travel Range: Y-axis 10mm
Travel Range: Z-axis 10mm
Resolution: X-axis 10µm
Resolution: Y-axis 10µm
Resolution: Z-axis 10µm
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs. (1.8 kg)
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