Chemistry Labware

Chemistry Labware

WPI's glassware is an economical option for educators, researchers and industrial process facilities. Our glassware is of a higher quality than other vendors' educational/student grade lines. Our current offering of labware items is designed for the majority of everyday laboratory situations. When it is time to replace or purchase heavy-duty glassware, do not hesitate to consider WPI's line. The weight comparison of our beakers is 25-40% heavier than name brand glassware with a considerable cost savings. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all your shipments.

  1. Burets
    Find high quality burets for your chemistry lab needs.
  2. Centrifuge Tubes
    Find high quality centrifuge tubes for your chemistry lab needs.
  3. Flasks
    Find high quality flasks for your chemistry lab needs.
  4. Glass Funnels
    Find quality glass funnels at affordable prices for your laboratory.
  5. Graduated Cylinders
    Find high quality graduated cylinders for your chemistry lab needs.
  6. Griffin-Style Beakers
    Find high quality griffin-style beakers for your chemistry lab needs.
  7. Keck Clips
    Find high quality Keck clips for your chemistry lab needs.
  8. Mortar and Pestle Sets
    Find high quality mortar and pestle sets for your chemistry laboratory.
  9. Volumetric Pipettes
    Find high quality volumetric pipettes for your chemistry lab needs.

Laboratory Glassware Specifications

All glassware offered is fabricated in accordance with ASTM specifications. All Class A precision glassware is warranted to be within the tolerance prescribed in ASTM specifications. All Class B laboratory/student grade is twice the precision-grade tolerances.

Glass Composition

WPI's line of GG17 laboratory glassware conforms to the international standard ISO 3583. This is a special Borosilicate 3.3 Glass of excellent chemical and physical propertees with a silica content of 80%. It is highly stable in structure, and as a result, it has marked mechanical strength and very high resistance against chemical attacks. Further, due to its linear coefficient of thermal expansion, this glass is capable of withstanding high thermal shock and possesses good molding ability. It is an excellent material for making laboratory apparatus where external heating is necessary, intricate laboratory glassware and chemical equipment, as well as pressure water meter glass.

Approximate Composition

  WPI (GG17) Corning 7740
SiO2 80.5% 80.6%
B2O3 12.8% 13.0%
Na2O/K2O 4.4% 4.1%
Al2O3 2.0% 2.3%

Breakage During Shipment

In case of breakage during shipment:

  1. Notify WPI immediately.
  2. Please retain all inner and outer cartons and packing materials.
  3. WPI will advise concerning replacement or credit on a case-by-case basis.

In case of a shortage or a loss:

  1. Notify WPI immediately.
  2. A replacement will be issued after confirming any inventory discrepancy.

Please contact us as soon as possible upon receipt to ensure your case is handled promptly.

General Glassware Warnings

WPI Laboratory Glassware is intended for laboratory use only. Users should always follow Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) procedures and practices.

  • Borosilicate/tempered glassware should not be heated to dryness
  • Avoid exposing glassware to rapid temperature changes.
  • Always use wire gauze with ceramic center when using gas burners.
  • Do not use hydrofluoric or hot phosphoric acid in glass.
  • Never use scratched or abraded glassware.
  • Hot alkalis will etch glass.
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