Micro Cannula, 3", 0.4mm OD

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Quickly connect to existing experimental plumbing

  • 0.4 mm OD, 0.2mm ID tubing
  • Autoclavable
  • Biocompatible Perfluorocarbon tubing material


  • May be used with a pressure tranducer (BLPR2) or a micro syringe injection system (UMP3 or MMP)


  • Cannula for carotid or femoral arteries of rodents and small animal blood vessels

This micro cannula is ideal for placement in the carotid or femoral artery of mice, rats, and other small animal blood vessels. It can be used with a pressure transducer (WPI’S BLPR2) for blood pressure measurement, or in conjunction with a micro-syringe injection system (like WPI’s UMPIII or MMP pumps). The incorporated standard female luer fitting makes connecting to existing experimental plumbing quick and easy. The cannula is provided with a contoured-tip stainless steel stylet (trocar) to facilitate placement using established techniques. A movable “shoulder” ring provides a tie-in point to prevent accidental removal. The cannula may be left in place for 2 hours or more, and with proper care and cleaning, may be re-used multiple times. Instructions are included.

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