ISO-COP-2 Carbon Monoxide Sensor - 2mm

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  • For use with Apollo1000, Apollo4000, TBR4100 and TBR1025
  • Response Time: <10 sec
  • Lowest Detection Limit: ~10nM
  • Sensitivity: ~0.5pA/nM
  • Application: Cell Cultures
  • Package of 1

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Carbon monoxide (CO) is a versatile mediator of physiological processes. Carbon monoxide (CO) formed by internal mechanisms (endogenous) is measured in a variety of ways, but standard measurement methods are of limited utility in most biological systems.  WPI's ingenious ISO-COP-2 CO sensor measures CO in vivo or in vitro in real time!

This CO sensor is comprised of a 2.0mm stainless steel body with a replaceable membrane-covered sleeve. The sleeve is filled with electrolyte. It is an amperometric sensor designed for use in cell culture and similar applications.

In principle, CO diffuses through the gas-permeable membrane and is then oxidized to CO2 on the working electrode of the sensor. This oxidation  creates a current with a magnitude directly related to the concentration of CO in solution.

It is designed for use with WPI's TRB4100 (4-Channel) or TBR1025 (1-Channel)  Free Radical Analyzers.

NOTE: The 2mm biosensors come with a spare membrane sleeve, 1cc syringe, an MF28G67 MicroFil needle and 10mL of filling solution.

2mm Biosensors come with spare parts


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