WPI Laboratory Equipment

Animal Temperature Controller

Item #: ATC2000

Maintain optimal animal temperature during research procedures

  • Animal Temperature Controller with Adaptive mode–auto adjust PID regardless of animal size
  • Plate's internal temperature sensor prevents localized hot spots under animal with maximum temperature stability
  • Compatible with RTD (resistive temperature device) and thermocouple probes
  • Extremely quiet DC heater to facilitate electrophysiological recordings
  • Three temperature sensor inputs
  • Auto shutdown if the plate reaches 45°C
Unit Price: 1355.00


Silicone Pad for use with ATC2000

Item #: 503573
  • 10x15cm
  • Heat conductive rubber pad used on top the ATC2000 metal warming plate for better heat transfer to the animal
Unit Price: 42.00


Heating Plates for Animal Temperature Controller

Item #: Make Selection

 61800, 61830, 61840

  • Heating pad for use with the ATC2000
  • Choose size: 15x25cm (61800), 15x10cm (61830) or 15x4cm (61840)
  • See Details for part numbers
Unit Price: varies