WPI Laboratory Equipment

Rectal Temperature Probe, 1.2mm shaft diameter, 2.5mm ball

Item #: 61824
  • Rectal probe for use the the ATC2000
Unit Price: 118.00


Rectal Temperature Probe for use with the Classic ATC1000

Item #: 61805
  • Rectal probe for use the the Classic ATC1000
  • Not compatible with the ATC2000
  • #61805 replaces the discontinued #502197
Unit Price: 118.00


Rodent Rectal Temperature Probe

Item #: Make Selection

RET-2, RET-3

  • Works with the ATC2000 TC input
  • Not isolated
  • 125°c Max. Temperature
  • 5 ft lead length
  • Choose size: Rat (RET-2), Mouse (RET-3)
  • See Details for part numbers
Unit Price: varies