WPI Laboratory Equipment

Blood Pressure Transducer & Cable

Item#: BLPR2
  • Used for direct arterial and venous pressure measurement
  • Accurate, linear, and stable with temperature
  • Compatible with TBM4M and BP1
Unit Price: 161.00


Blood Pressure Monitor

Item#: SYS-BP1

Audible monitor with variable pitch provides feedback

  • Monitors pressure, force, temperature
  • Monitors animal arterial or venous blood pressure
  • Displays systolic, diastolic or average blood pressure
Unit Price: 1898.00


Blood Pressure Measurement for Rodents

Item#: Make Selection


Unique environmental control system and single tail cuff allows tail movement, minimizing stress in the animal subjects

  • Test up to 200 animals at a time
  • Sensor is MRI compatible
  • Quick and accurate blood pressure measurement at temperatures as low as 32˚C
  • Highly sensitive photoelectric sensor for blood pressure detection
  • Monitor, record, store or export real time systolic, diastolic, mean and heart rate
  • Choose measurement: For Mice (II-MRBP-M) or For Rat (II-MRBP-R)
  • See Details for part numbers and descriptions
Unit Price: 6500.00


Measurement :

BLPR2 Transducer without Cable

Item#: 503067
  • Blood pressure transducer without cable
Unit Price: 83.00