WPI Laboratory Equipment

Incremental Hot Cold Plate for Mouse & Rat

Item#: II-PE34

Latency and threshold-based nocicetption

  • Heat or cool, from 0-70˚C
  • Ramping temperatures for threshold & latency results
  • Rapid increase or decrease in temperature
  • Printout of data
  • Includes clear animal enclosure
  • Plate size 4 x 8”
  • Two-year warranty
Unit Price: 5800.00


Hot Plate Analgesia Meter

Item#: II-39

Latency testing in rodents

  • Includes both mouse and rat enclosure
  • Temperature indicated in 0.1˚C increments
  • Holding accuracy is ±0.1˚C
  • Digitally controlled
  • Two-year warranty
Unit Price: 2555.00


Randall Selitto Paw Pressure Meter, 800g

Item#: II-2500

Get instantaneous, live readings

  • Visible force limit indicator
  • Portable electronic display
  • Battery-operated or line powered controller
  • No calibration required
Unit Price: 2945.00


Plethysmometer (Paw Volume) Meter for Mouse and Rat

Item#: II-520MR

Test effectiveness of anti-inflammatory agents

  • No wetting solution needed
  • One calibration/year
  • Battery-operated or line powered controller
  • One-year warranty
Unit Price: 3187.00


Incapacitance Meter for Mouse and Rat

Item#: II-600MR

Test pain and inflammation in small animal hind limbs

  • Precise programmable digital control
  • Start, stop and reset test from controller’s front panel
  • 180-270 gram holder included (other sizes available)
  • Reaction detected automatically
  • Manual override of all timer functions
  • Alphanumeric readout
  • 5 to 999 seconds test period
  • Alphanumeric readout
  • All functions and parameters entered via key-pad
  • Two-year warranty
Unit Price: 4410.00


Grip Strength Meter

Item#: II-2200

Measure muscle hyperalgesia in rodents

  • Mouse and rat wire mesh grid plates included
  • Maximum force range is 2,000 gm (10% over range allowed). Higher ranges are available by special order
  • 1 gram increment readings
  • Suction feet on the heavy, anodized base plate resist even large pulling forces
Unit Price: 3639.00