WPI Laboratory Equipment

Motorized Stereotaxic Frame

Item #: MTM-3

Automatically calculates coordinates and accurately places the probe

  • Accurate microstepping motor drive for high resolution placement
  • Increased precision and repeatability of motion over traditional, manual stereotaxic frames
  • No more error resulting from reading Vernier scales
  • Brain atlas coordinates may be input into the controller, with no computer required
  • Coordinate distances are automatically calculated
  • Touch screen controller for easy, intuitive control with better than 10 μm precision
  • Graphic controller display for instant operational feedback
  • Hand controller for complete manual control
Unit Price: 10552.00


High Definition Camera and Monitoring System

Item #: PRO-300HDS

HD imaging for scientific and industrial applications

  • High definition camera and monitoring system
  • 30 fps (HDMI) and 15 fps (USB 2.0), Aptina sensor and an 4 GB SD card
  • Includes HD camera, 1/2.5” (7.182 diagonal), 11.6” HD display screen, 4 GB SD card, USB 2.0 mouse, CaptaVision PC Imaging Software, HDMI Cable, USB 2.0 Cable, 12 V Power Adapter, HDMI Adapter, Y Power Splitter, Mounting
  • Brackets and Hardware
  • Specify line voltage
Unit Price: 1174.00


Microelectrode Puller

Item #: PUL-1000

A compact, versatile and reliable workhorse

  • Program sequences up to four steps
  • Produce micropipettes with a tip diameter less than 0.1 µm or greater than 10 µm
  • Store up to 95 programs in memory for easy recall
  • Two factory programs installed
  • Supplied with a vial of capillary glass
Unit Price: 3739.00


Animal Temperature Controller

Item #: ATC2000

Maintain optimal animal temperature during research procedures

  • Animal Temperature Controller with Adaptive mode–auto adjust PID regardless of animal size
  • Plate's internal temperature sensor prevents localized hot spots under animal with maximum temperature stability
  • Compatible with RTD (resistive temperature device) and thermocouple probes
  • Extremely quiet DC heater to facilitate electrophysiological recordings
  • Three temperature sensor inputs
  • Auto shutdown if the plate reaches 45°C
Unit Price: 1355.00


Kite Manual Micromanipulator

Item #: Make Selection


Economy manual micromanipulator

  • Vernier scales allow readings to 0.1 mm
  • X-axis fine control allows readings to 10 µm
  • Choice of optional M-3 Tilting base which can be mounted to a table with M6 screws. 5464 5-lb weight for Tilting Base sold separately
  • Left or right-handed versions of the KITE micromanipulator are supplied with a standard 12 mm clamp and electrode holder M3301EH
  • Choose options: Left Hand (KITE-L), Left Hand with Tilting Base (KITE-M3-L), Right Hand (KITE-R) or Right Hand with Tilting Base (KITE-M3-R)
  • See Details for part numbers and descriptions
Unit Price: varies



Micropressure System

Item #: SYS-900A

Measure hydrostatic pressure in small vessels and oocytes

  • Utilizes a liquid filled micropipette (2–5 µm tip opening) for sensing pressure
  • Pressure range from 1–100 mmHg (pressure range to 350 mmHg is available)
  • Lower limit 1 mmHg (133 Pa)
  • Includes calibration/test chamber
  • Tubing and fittings for interconnecting system sub-components are provided
  • Pressure in the pipette can be manually set to positive or negative relative to the outside
  • Probe holder for mounting on micromanipulator is included
  • 10 pre-pulled pipettes are included
Unit Price: 24740.00


Epithelial Volt/Ohm (TEER) Meter

Item #: Make Selection

EVOM2, 300523

Non-destructively test for epithelial monolayer confluence in 2D cell cultures

  • Measures trans-epithelial electrical resistance or trans-epithelilal voltage
  • Compatible with 12 and 24 well culture plate systems out of the box
  • Includes industry standard STX2 hand held “chopstick” electrodes
  • Analog output for recording resistance or voltage measurements
  • Auto ranging from 0-10 KΩ
  • Battery powered
  • Manual TEER measurement of epithelial cells in 6, 12, 24 and 96* well plates
  • BNC output for data acquisition system
  • Compatible with EndOhm chambers
  • *96-well plate measurement requires an STX100 series electrode.
  • Choose Resistance Range: 0-10 KΩ (EVOM2) or 0-100 KΩ (300523)
  • See Details for part numbers and descriptions
Unit Price: varies


R Range:

Reliable Pneumatic PicoPump with vacuum

Item #: SYS-PV830

Pneumatic microinjector with vacuum pressure

  • Inject into a single cell with picoliter volumes
  • Regulated Hold, Ejection and Vacuum Pressure
  • Carefully regulated air pressures for securing cells and injecting them with fluid
  • Independent vacuum regulation
  • Pressure Input: 0-150 psi
  • Pressure Output: 0.3-90 psi
Unit Price: 2969.00


High Current Stimulus Isolator

Item #: Make Selection

A385RC, SYS-A385R

Constant current stimulus isolator with 100 mA current range

  • Constant current to 100 mA
  • Unipolar or bipolar stimulation modes
  • Built-in non-compliance alarm
  • Input is optically isolated
  • Standard TTL triggering
  • DC test mode
  • Powered by six rechargeable lead acid batteries
  • 36V compliance
  • Output polarity and output “on/off” switches
  • Choose options: Include charger (A385RC) or Without charger (SYS-A385R)
  • See Details for part numbers and descriptions
Unit Price: varies


Include Charger:

6 Channel Mechanical Stimulation for tissues


Culture cells on a deformable substrate or as part of a 3D matrix

  • Uniaxial, equibiaxial or non-equibiaxial strains
  • 0–15% strain
  • User downloaded test protocol
  • Monolayer cells on substrate or 3D constructs
  • Autoclavable
  • Uniaxially stretch up to 6 specimens
  • Stimulate tendons, ligaments and bone tissue in engineering work.
  • 250 N of thrust, up to 5 Hz

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