WPI Laboratory Equipment

Microelectrode Puller

Item#: PUL-1000

A compact, versatile and reliable workhorse

  • Program sequences up to four steps
  • Produce micropipettes with a tip diameter less than 0.1 µm or greater than 10 µm
  • Store up to 95 programs in memory for easy recall
  • Two factory programs installed
  • Supplied with a vial of capillary glass
Unit Price: 3595.00


Pneumatic, 18-Step Programmable Multipipetter Puller

Item#: PMP-102 Make Selection

PMP-102, PMP-102Z

Pneumatic pressure (no gravity or magnetic fields) for consistent pulling force

  • Produces two identical pipettes every time
  • 25 saved programmable sequences
  • Optical-digital measurement
  • 22 manufacturer preset sequences
  • Choose power supply: 110V (PMP-102) or 220V (PMP-102Z)
Unit Price: varies


Power Supply:

Programmable Multipipetter Puller

Item#: PMP-107 Make Selection

PMP-107, PMP-107Z

  • Optical-digital ruler measurement
  • Computerized real-time feedback heater control
  • Pneumatic pulling force and compact size
  • Programmable and saveable sequences for creation and reproduction
  • Choose power: 110V (PMP-107) or 220V (PMP-107Z)
Unit Price: varies


Power Supply:

Filament 2.5mm wide 2.5 SQ Box

Item#: 13834
  • Filament, platinum/iridium, 2.5mm wide, 2.5mm square box
  • For use with the PUL-1000 programmable puller
Unit Price: 62.00


Filament 4.5mm wide trough

Item#: 504951
  • Filament, platinum/iridium, 4.5mm wide, Trough
Unit Price: 65.00