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Pump Type Comparison

Pump    Peristaltic Syringe    Pneumatic
  • Easy to setup clean
  • Continuous flow
  • "Infinite" volume (depends only on capacity of source)
  • No contact with metal or the pump
  • Good for large volume pumping
  • More accurate volume than peristaltic pumps
  • Good for small volumes   
  • Non-pulsatile
  • Small volume
  • Pulsatile
  • Louder than other pumps
  • Low head pressure
  • Imprecise (while the rate is accurate, final volume is less accurate than other methods 
  • Pulsatile
  • Limited by volume the syringe can hold
  • More labor intensive than other pumps (requires filling the syringe to setup)    
  • Difficult to setup
  • Each glass tip must be calibrated
  • Bulk fluid movement   
  • All purpose pumping
  • UMP3–stereotaxic applications
    NanoLiter 2010–positive (physical) displacement style syringe pump for oocyte injection
  • Small volume injection   
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For more information on peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps and pneumatic pumps, see Choosing the Correct Pump for your Fluid Handling.

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