WPI Laboratory Equipment

High Intensity Fiber Optic Illumination Source

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Uninterrupted, directed light for microscopes and other applications

  • Reliable, uninterrupted high-intensity light
  • Use with microscopes
  • Intensity controlled by rotary knob
  • Use with ring light, or single/bifurcated guides, sold separately
  • Choose options: Z-LITE (110V, 60Hz Fiber optic illuminator, beige), Z-LITE-186 (Z-LITE with bifurcated light guides), Z-LITE-Z (220V, 60Hz Fiber optic illuminator, black) or Z-LITE-Z186 (20V, Z-LITE-Z with bifurcated light guides)
  • See Details for part numbers and descriptions
Unit Price: varies



Flexible Light Guide, 24"

Item#: 504931
  • Single Pipe Light Guide with focusing lens
  • Fiber diameter: 6mm
  • 24" (610mm)  long, 5/8" standard adapter for attaching to a fiber optic illuminator like the Z-Lite series
Unit Price: 238.00


Bifurcated Light Guide

Item#: 500186
  • Use with Z-LITE illuminator
  • Light guides pictured with illuminator (sold separately)
Unit Price: 335.00


Ring Light Guide for PZM and PZMIII Series Microscopes

Item#: R-8-8-WPI01
  • Allows shadow-free illumination
Unit Price: 419.00


LED Ring Light

Item#: 504134

For PZMIII & PZMIV stereo microscopes

  • “White” light illumination — 72 LED bulbs
  • Maximum opening 61 mm
  • Ring light is divided into four areas and each area is turned on and off separately
  • Brightness adjustable
  • ESD safe
  • Power supply AC 90-264V, 50/60 Hz, US plug only
Unit Price: 199.00


Deuterium Replacement Lamp for D4H

Item#: 503847
  • Replacement halogen lamp for D4H
Unit Price: 1128.00


Halogen Replacement Lamp for D4H

Item#: 503848
  • Replacement halogen lamp for D4H
Unit Price: 215.00


Replacement Lamp for FO-6000

Item#: 800120
Unit Price: 74.00


Deuterium Replacement Lamp >215nm

Item#: D2H-DB
  • For use with D2H
Unit Price: 1201.00


Deuterium/Halogen Fiber Light Source

Item#: D4H

For a continuous spectrum in the UV, VIS and NIR range

  • Continuous spectrum from 200 nm–1700 nm
  • Integrated shutter with switch and TTL control
  • SMA fiber optic connection
  • Separate UV and VIS bulb control
Unit Price: 6113.00