Incremental Hot Cold Plate for Mouse & Rat

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Latency and threshold-based nocicetption

  • Heat or cool, from 0-70˚C
  • Ramping temperatures for threshold & latency results
  • Rapid increase or decrease in temperature
  • Printout of data
  • Includes clear animal enclosure
  • Plate size 4 x 8”
  • Two-year warranty


  • Precise programmable digital control
  • Temperature stability is 0.1˚C


  • Analgesia research
  • Latency and threshold-based nocicetption

This safe, humane device for rats and mice is used for latency and threshold-based nocicetption, ramping temperatures for 0-70˚C. Because this hot cold plate is incremental, it measures latencies of much more than just the strong narcotic agents, broadening dramatically the range of analgesia research with devices of this type. Microprocessor-controlled, the Incremental Hot Cold Plate can heat or cool in increments of 0.1˚C, at a rate of 1-10˚C per minute. With uniform heating and cooling and upper/lower cut-off limits, this device is predictable and safe. It can also function as a constant temperature plate with great stability (0.1˚C). As soon as a reaction is observed from the chosen paw, the unit reverses to the standby temperature.

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