Electronic von Frey Anesthesiometer, Rigid & 15 Supertips, 800g

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Assessing mechanical allodynia with 15 SuperTips

  • LCD readout (Floating or last maximum/minimum)
  • Rigid tips up to 800 g
  • “Supertips™” 15 up to 65 g
  • 1,000 g probe available
  • Optional analog output cable for chart recorder
  • Pipette tips can be customized to any specification
  • Microprocessor electronics 0.1 g plug-in probes


  • Plug up to three probes into a single unit
  • Independent from temperature


  • Small animal analgesia testing

To assess mechanical allodynia, which is a painful response to a light touch or pressure from a stimulus that is not normally painful, the Electronic von Frey Anesthesiometer was developed. The Electronic von Frey meter uses one of 15 different flexible von Frey hairs called “SuperTips™” (or rigid tips up to 800 grams). Each hair, regardless of model chosen, is exactly 0.8mm in diameter. This uniformity of design eliminates false readings and allows for comparison of test results. The Electronic von Frey can be used with chart recorders and analog/digital converters, and it never needs calibrated. This system includes either a 90, 800 or 1,000 gram probe. Mesh stands are available in a variety of sizes for large group studies.

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