Calcium Neutral Ion Exchanger

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Make micropipettes to record cellular concentrations

  • 0.1 mL

WPI’s Liquid Ion Exchangers (LIX), for use with the FD223A Electrometer, allow intracellular measurements to be made for cations (hydrogen, potassium and calcium).


ION H+ K+ Ca++
Na+ 12.7 1.97 5.5
Mg++ 2.95 4.9
K+ 5.4
Ca++ 2.7
USEFUL pH RANGE 2-10 4-10 4-10
SLOPE 56 mV 58 mV 28 mV
LINEAR RANGE pH 4-12 pK 0-3 pCa 1-7


*Selectivity Coefficients are expressed here as -log Kij or pKij.

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