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  • Small size with rubber feet keeps the centrifuge stable
  • Interchangeable rotors and adapters for 0.5-2.0mL microtubes or PCR strips
  • On/off switch lets you start and stop in seconds
  • Safety switch stops rotor witho

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The G-Spin centrifuge is a compact instrument generating centrifugal force. It can be used to separate colloidal particles or substances of different densities, to remove moisture, for microfiltration or to simulate gravitational effects. The applications range from biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology to medical science.

It comes with two interchangeable rotors, one for microtubes and one for 0.2mL polymerase chain reaction (PCR) strip tubes. The microtube rotor holds six individual 1.5mL plastic microcentrifuge tubes. Rotor adapters are available that hold 0.5mL tubes and 1.0mL tubes. The strip tube rotor is designed to centrifuge two 8x0.2mL strip tubes. The rotation speed is fixed at 6,000RPM and has a maximum relative centrifugal force (RCF) of 2,000g. (Faster models are available if you talk with a sales rep.)

The centrifuge has rubber feet to keep it stable and minimize the vibration. The centrifuge automatically shuts off when the cover is open. The power switch (or the emergency saftey switch) can stop the rotor in seconds.

Rotation Speed 6,000RPM, fixed
Maximum RCF 2,000g
Tube Capacity 6x0.5-2.0mL tubes or 2x0.2mL strip tubes
Round Rotor Fixed angle, 6-places 0.5-2.0mL tubes
Strip Rotor Fixed angle, 2x0.2mL strip tubes
Dimensions 6”W x 5” H x 7” D (189 x 161 x 121mm)
Power 110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz
Fuse 0.5 A, 250 V
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