Anesthesia Oxygen Hose

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  • For use with EZ Anesthesia systems
  • One end is the EZ System "Quick Disconnect." The other end connects with the in-house oxygen supply.

Standard 6' hose connection from the oxygen regulator to the anesthesia system. Green hose is fited with female DISS fittings on both ends.

Custom hoses available for a variety of connectors, please call for pricing

EZ-15021-CF-X Anesthesia Chemetron Female Oxygen Hose
EZ-15021-CM-X Anesthesia Chemetron Male Oxygen Hose
EZ-15021-DF-X Anesthesia DISS Female Oxygen Hose
EZ-15021-DM-X Anesthesia DISS Male Oxygen Hose
EZ-15021-OF-X Anesthesia Ohmeda Female Oxygen Hose
EZ-15021-OM-X Anesthesia Ohmeda Male Oxygen Hose
EZ-15021-OXM-X Anesthesia Oxequip Male Oxygen Hose
EZ-15021-PF-X Anesthesia Puritan Female Oxygen Hose
EZ-15021-PM-X Anesthesia Puritan Male Oxygen Hose
EZ-15021-SF-X Anesthesia Schrader Female Oxygen Hose
EZ-15021-SM-X Anesthesia Schrader Male Oxygen Hose
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