WPI offers a broad variety of standard and custom single monopolar, concentric, and stereotrode designs in a variety of tip profile and metal combinations. Some of these electrodes are also available with Rhodes style tips.

WPI offers a large variety of electrodes.

For more informations, see FAQs about Metal Microelectrodes

  1. Single, Bipolar & Concentric Electrodes
    Superior microelectrodes for outstanding extracellular recording – tungsten, iridium, platinum-iridium and Elgiloy® Available in Tungsten, Platinum/Iridium, Elgiloy and Pure Iridium metal and are insulated with a thin film of vapor-deposited Parylene-C Four different tip profiles also available (Standard, Heat treated, Blunt and Fine tips) High corrosion resistance offers consistent, long-term performance
  2. Nerve Cuff Electrodes
    Our nerve cuff electrodes can be built to your specifications. See all the options you can choose.
  3. Electrodes, Reference
    Dri-Ref™ reference electrodes were developed by WPI to have extremely low electrolyte leak­age properties. In addition to this key feature, these electrodes exhibit stable and reproducible potential and low resistance. Stored in KCl when not in use, they have a long life expectancy. Although the internal filling solution con­tains KCI, the low flu­id leakage means Dri-Ref may be used in combination with ion se­lec­tive elec­trodes, in­clud­ing those for K+ and Cl-, without sig­nif­i­cant con­tam­i­na­tion from the reference elec­trode. The Dri-Ref electrodes are chemically re­sis­tant to strong acids and alkalines. Dri-Ref electrodes are not suitable for use in organic sol­vents. In ad­di­tion, the long, thin FLEXREF may be easily ma­nip­u­lated to ac­com­mo­date a difficult ex­per­i­men­tal setup.  
  4. Rhodes Electrodes
    These Concentric Bipolar Electrodes with Rhodes style tips are designed for Neurological recording and stimulation and are ideal for acute applications (without the X) or chronic applications (ends with X). The Stainless Steel external tubing (E) provides support for accurate placement. The extra extension may be cut off after insertion leaving only a small protrusion. Features Rhodes-style tips are great for those that require a precisely controlled electrode surface area The Stainless Steel external tubing provides support for accurate placement and manipulation during acute research These are an excellent replacement for long-term Rhodes electrodes (originally made by Kopf) Benefits Concentric bipolar electrodes are ideal for bipolar stimulation paradigms Tools are available for shielded macro recordings, as well as evoked potential Electrodes may be acutely reused many times (> 20-30 insertions), if they are properly cared for: Avoid bending the shaft and blunting/hooking the tip Clean electrode carefully between session Applications Designed for Neurological recording and stimulation and are ideal for chronic applications. 
  5. Surface Electrodes
    Surface electrodes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They include silver-silver chloride pellets. We also have dry reference electrodes.
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