Dummy Load Resistor Kit

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  • For use with the A365 Constant Current Stimulus Isolator
  • Precise voltage source
  • Package of 3 (100, 1000 and 10,000 Ohm)

A365 can be used as a precise voltage source by placing a precision “dummy” resistor load across the output terminals. Precision resistors (such as the 100 Ω, 1000 Ω and 10,000 Ω resistors in WPI’s optional Dummy Load Resistor Kit #DRL) when placed across the output terminals convert the precision current levels to accurate voltage levels.

For example, 1 milliampere flowing through 1000 Ohms will produce 1 volt across the output terminal pair. Thus, models A365D and A365R can be used as low noise sources of accurate voltage pulses or DC. To maintain less than 1% error, avoid shunting the output dummy resistor with a load resistance less than 100 times the dummy resistance value.

L. Yavich, J. Tiihonen "Ethanol modulates evoked dopamine release in mouse nucleus accumbens: dependence on social stress and dose" European Journal of Pharmacology 401. 2000: 365-373

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