Optional 24-Well Plate for use with CS-MECHANSO-FX, pkg of 8

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  • Culture cells on flat silicone membranes that can be put under strain
  • Single use, silicone 24 well culture plate
  • For use with CS-MECHANO-FX
  • Package of 8

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The MechanoCulture product group is used for culturing cells in a mechanically active environment. These culture systems contain configurations to support single or multiple parallel tests using a variety of flexible membranes and scaffolds. The on-board controllers enable PC independent execution of user-defined motion protocols. All MechanoCulture systems can be operated in an incubator environment and all cell contacting components are made from autoclavable materials.

The MechanoCulture FX can uniaxially stretch 24 wells while capturing images on an inverted microscope. The sterile single-use silicone plates have a thin transparent bottom that has similar optical properties to a glass coverslip.

All components in contact with the culture can be autoclaved, and the device can be run inside an incubator environment.

The MechanoCulture FX can be programmed to run constant velocity or sinusoidal stretch patterns. Magnitudes, frequencies, rest periods, and cycle counts can all be specified in the software application and programmed to the device.

Conformance to 96 well plate geometry means that the FX can be used with any inverted microscope and can be loaded using standard
fluid handling equipment.

This is the optional well plate for use with the CS-MECHANO-FX.


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