Set of 11 Calcium Buffers

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Use with calcium fluorescent indicators

  • Use with calcium florescent indicators
  • 20 mL of each buffer

CALBUF-2 is especially suitable for calibrating fluorescent Ca++ indicators. It provides eleven buffer standards in the 10-4 to 10-8 M Ca++ range, whereas other commonly used fluorescent Ca++ indicators have the apparent Kd in the range of 100 to 300 nM. As with any ionic sensitive indicator, the sensitivity range of these indicators is about 1.0 log unit above and below the Kd. CALBUF-2 provides seven calibration points in this sensitivity range. It has an osmolarity of 0.305, which is isotonic with most mammalian cells.

Shelf life

Limited shelf life; use within 30 days.


1x10-8, 4x10-8, 1x10-7, 2.5x10-7, 5x10-7, 7.5x10-7, 1x10-6, 4x10-6, 1x10-5, 4x10-5, and 1x10-4 M at 20°C. Ionic strength: 0.150 M. 11 bottles, 20 mL each.

D.D. McKemy, W. Welch, J.A. Airey, J.L.Sutko "Concentrationsof caffeine greater than 20 mM increase the indo-1 fluorescence ratio in a Ca2+- independent manner" Annals of Botany 86. 2000: 687-703

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