Set of 8 Calcium Buffers

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For use with calcium electrodes

  • Use with calcium electrodes
  • 20 mL of each buffer

A set of eight calcium buffers covering the range of concentration from 10-1 to 10-8 M Ca++. Each buffer contains 20 mL of solution and enough potassium chloride to set the ionic strength to 0.1 M.

Shelf life

Limited shelf life; use within 30 days.


1x10-1, 1x10-2, 1x10-3, 1x10-4, 1x10-5, 1x10-6, 1x10-7, 1x10-8 M at 20°C.

D.D. McKemy, W. Welch, J.A. Airey, J.L.Sutko "Concentrationsof caffeine greater than 20 mM increase the indo-1 fluorescence ratio in a Ca2+- independent manner" Annals of Botany 86. 2000: 687-703

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