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  2. OEM Optical Fiber Manufacture - Your OEM Partner for Qualified Fiber, Assemblies, Probes and Flow Cells
    November 11, 2019
    WPI's Photonics Center of Excellence in Friedberg, Germany provides a full range of optical components and optical sensing solutions, including proprietary multimode silica qualified fiber, optical assemblies and sub-assemblies serving instrumentation manufacturers. Our new, proprietary, qualified, multi-mode fiber offers the certainty that instrumentation manufacturers need by providing fiber products that not only demonstrate superior transmission, but have excellent consistency of transmission from one fiber product unit to the next fiber product unit.    You can design your own optical fiber for WPI to build, or we can work together to design custom fibers for your application.   Seven different multimode fiber materials - including qualified fibers for UV and NIR applications. WPI is the only company offering DIN 58145:2018-01 certified lowest basic attenuation at 200 nm. Core diameter range from 100 - 3000 µm O2 and pH optical sensing fiber SMA, FC, ST, DIN or ferrule connector Silicone coated braided tubing, standard Kevlar PVC furcation tubing or simple shrink tubing Simple patch fiber Furcated fiber assemblies (WPI will consult with you on the design, too.) Transmission probes (Materials used can vary. Did you know WPI offers the smallest OD transmission probe on the market today?) Complex fiber bundle assemblies Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cells (LWCC) with long pathlengths for small sample volumes Low Volume Flow Cell for FIA, HPLC and process analysis Fluorescence probes for the detection of the transient response of free ion concentration WPI's optical laboratory began in 1993 with our first patented liquid waveguide capillary cell (LWCC) for precise absorbance measurement of very low concentrations. Our long history of designing novel and low-cost, complex fiber products to go where light bulbs and detectors will not, enables instrumentation manufacturers to deliver Industry solutions with a smaller footprint, broader sensing capabilities and at reduced per unit cost. Our knowledge becomes part of your expertise and as a trusted supplier WPI's OEM Team actively engages with your team to streamline the product development process from initial manufacturing of prototypes to scaling up manufacturing to ensure alignment of the product delivery strategy.     Match your Fiber to your Needs With WPI you can match the fiber, the assembly and even the instrument exactly to your application needs:
  3. Meet Our Researchers
    September 12, 2019
    Researchers around the globe trust WPI products. Here are a few who have shared glimpses into their research areas.
  4. Benefits of Black Coated Instruments
    September 06, 2019
    Benefits of black coated surgical instruments Black coated surgical instruments are not only visually more attractive than the stainless-steel ones, there are several other benefits as provided below: -        Non reflective surface reduces eye-fatigue   -        Has prolonged life -        Up to 10 times harder than stainless steel -        60% lower wear rate than stainless steel -        Corrosion resistant due to oxidized aluminum coating -        Anti-allergic due to the absence of Chromium and Nickel coating  -        Easy to clean Making of the black coating instruments The black coatings are created by applying a layer of Titanium Aluminum Nitrate (TiAIN) to the instrument, using an environmentally friendly Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process. In this process Titanium and Aluminum are magnetron-sputtered onto the substrate in a va
  5. WPI's NanoFil: Injection of Sub-Microliter Volumes in Animal Research
    August 21, 2019
    Are you looking for a microliter or sub-microliter and high precision syringe that holds needles as small as 36 gauge (G), in addition to having the capability to connect to quartz tubing? WPI’s NanoFil is the answer. We offer NanoFil syringes with NanoFil needles or the option to connect the NanoFil syringe to quartz tubing to use in research studies, mainly involving sub-microliter volume injections into animal tissues. Why Select WPI’s NanoFil (Syringe and Needle) System? Low Dead Volume The dead volume of NanoFil's is minute or neglig
  6. Non-Reflective Instruments Minimize Glare when Working under Lights
    August 09, 2019
    Whether you are working with your surgical instruments under bright lights or using a microscope, non-reflective black surgical instruments offer a distinct advantage. The titanium coating not only hardens and protects the cutting edge, but it also minimizes reflection from the surface of your instruments while you are working. They are corrosion resistant and biocompatible.  See Selection
  7. Researcher Shares Video of MICRO-ePORE™ Assisted Cell Penetration
    August 02, 2019
    The new WPI MICRO-ePORE™ pinpoint cell penetrator is a simple and versatile system that can be used to facilitate microinjection of a diverse array of compounds and biomolecules into oocytes and pre-implantation stage mammalian embryos. Patent pending Flutter Electrode Technology assists in small, clean, precise membrane penetration without tearing or damaging the membrane. It results in substantially increased viability of embryos. In this quick video, Dr. Pelczar from the Center for Transgenic Models in Switzerland demonstrates the ease o
  8. How to order custom optical fibers
    July 22, 2019
    WPI offers custom fiber optic cables and assemblies. This video show how to create a custom ordering code to designate what you need. If you have any questions about ordering Fiber Optic Cables and Assemblies for your laboratory or application, just give us a call (866-606-1974) or email us at wpi@wpiinc.com. More Info
  9. Setting Up the DUO773 Electrometer
    June 19, 2019
    For intracellular dual or differential studies, WPI's Duo773 has separate negative capacity controls and built-in active filtering that allows the precise balancing of time constants for artifact-free differential measurement. It comes complete with two probe headstages, 1015Ω and 1011Ω probes to monitor signals from ion-specific micro-electrodes as well as KCl-filled electrodes. Jim shows you how to safely unpack and properly setup your new Duo773. More Info
  10. Setting Up The MICRO-ePORE
    June 19, 2019
    The new WPI MICRO-ePORE™ Pinpoint Cell Penetrator is a simple and versatile system that can be used for efficient microinjection of a diverse array of compounds and biomolecules into oocytes and pre-implantation stage mammalian embryos. Patent pending Flutter Electrode Technology assists in small, clean, precise membrane penetration without tearing or damaging the membrane. Here Gabe sets up the system and connects all the components. Unpacking Your MICRO-ePORE™ System Connecting Your MICRO-ePORE™ System
  11. Qualified Fiber
    May 17, 2019
    Optical measurements are important to researchers. Discover today how WPI has contributed with the recent release of Qualified Fiber.
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