WPI Acquires the Muscle Physiology Experts SI-H

Late in March 2009, WPI sealed the deal making Scientific Instruments-Heidelberg a part of the WPI family of companies. SI-H is the leader in muscle physiology research equipment. Designing quality equipment since 1988, SI-H focuses on the investigation of intact and chemically skinned muscle preparations, as well as the investigation of single cells. 

The full range of optical force transducers come with a lifetime guarantee, because they are incredibly durable. They measure forces as small as 500pN. The SI-Hmotor is virtually friction-free and extremely fast (200um/ms), making it ideal for muscle studies. A mouse heart can beat at up to 600beats/second, and this unique motor can keep the pace. SI-H mounting clips are state of the art, designed for maximum effect without damage of sensitive tissues.

One of the outstanding features of the instruments manufactured by SI-H is their modular composition for both optical and mechanical studies. The modularity allows adapting each instrument exactly to the experimental needs of the customer. It also makes upgrading existing systems easy. 

Whether it's isometric, isotonic or eccentric contraction studies, SI-H has the equipment. Intracellular calcium studies, ATPase activity, O2 consumption, sarcomere length detection and long-term incubation studies are possible with SI-H research tools. 

The marriage of WPI and SI-H brings the stability of an established distribution and manufacturing network together with the quality of German muscle physiology equipment designed by researchers.