What's the Difference Between a 3-way and 4-way Stopcock?

StopcockA 4-way stopcock allows for 360° of rotation and has the states (shown below) for each of the four available positions. A 3-way stopcock has only three positions and has the first three states shown below.

In the first state, liquid flows between points A and B.
In the second, it flows between points A and C.
In the third, it flows between points B and C.
In the fourth state (4-way only), it flows between all three points.


3-way stopcock

 3-way and 4-way stopcocks are sold in the popular kit 14011. They can also be bought separately:

  • 14035-104-way Stopcock, Luer Lock (pkg. of 10)
  • 14036-15–4-way Luer Stopcock (pkg. of 15)
  • 14057-10–4-way Stockcok, Luer Lock, Blue (pkg. of 10)

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