Researcher's Review of EVOM#

by Benjamin Dubansky, PhD, Animal Physiologist/Researcher

The EVOM is a special kind of voltmeter for measuring electrical properties across a layer of cells in culture or a biological membrane. Here's a few things I like about the new EVOM3.


There's a couple things I like about the EVOM3 better than the older models.

  1. You can charge it. These ones had batteries which are fine, and they had a power plug. But when you use the power plug, you get a little bit electrical noise, and the signal's not quite as stable. When you have a good battery in here, the charge lasts for quite some time. It charges pretty quickly. You can unplug it and get good resolution data quicker with less noise.
  2. It offers more consistent stable readings.
  3. The software interface is really nice. You don't have to use the foot switch; you can just switch to the next well using the touch screen.You can make all your measurments. You can go through the setup and change it. The full software interface in the EVOM3 is the same kind of thing you would see in any computer app. You can adjust the calibration settings, null the probe out, and more.
  4. The auto storage is my favorite feature. You are able to stick a flash drive in and pull it out whenever you want. There are no rules. You can pull it out. It won't create a problen. The data is all saved automatically.
  5. You can change the units and jump between voltage and ohms.
  6. The touchscreen interface surfaces are easy to clean.
  7. It is faster. It's just faster to get a good reading. It stabilizes really quickly.
  8. The resolution is better too. Instead of an ohm, you can measure down to 0.1 ohm.